We are GothamAds

programmatic advertising company

GothamAds belongs to those programmatic advertising companies, which through creativity, mind-blowing technologies, and commitment to results, solve all challenges of digital advertising.

GothamAds is a team of professionals and specialists from different backgrounds that are bound together by shared expertise and the genuine passion for programmatic advertising technologies. We collaborate daily to inject fresh ideas, test high-tech solutions and create opportunities that truly reshape AdTech world. Our mission is to automate and optimize ad buying process in real time, making it more efficient and therefore, affordable for advertisers, app developers, media owners and ad agencies.

GothamAds’ Purpose and Core Values

Since our foundation, GothamAds has been governed by its corporate values. They define who we are, form our identity, and affect decisions we make. Find out what makes GothanAds Programmatic Advertising company so profoundly different from others:
we celebrate creativity
Our most valuable asset is our team. GothamAds strives to provide an environment where people feel respected and valued. We offer unique possibilities for a personal and professional growth. Finally, we bring the most inventive, talented and inspirational people under one roof to deliver the best quality programmatic products in the industry.
we drive innovation
Because the digital advertising industry is changing so fast, it can be difficult to keep up with where things are. GothamAds experts and researchers are always monitoring trends to offer the most innovative solutions so you can stay competitive. Our cutting-edge technologies, big data analytics and machine learning algorithms will ultimately enhance your marketing efforts and drive unprecedented ROIs.
we inspire our clients
GothamAds provides data-driven solutions that motivate clients to accomplish better results. In order to create long-term, trustworthy relationships with our partners, we aim to be responsible and consistent in delivering valuable products and impeccable service. We constantly redefine the standards of excellence in everything we do, progressively improving the quality of our products.
we make an impact
We bring all the pieces of the programmatic puzzle together in a fully integrated ecosystem of premium inventory suppliers, top-tier demand partners, data management platforms, ad servers and video solutions. Our goal is to make a real contribution to the online advertising industry and design products that make a difference.
2013 — The birth of GothamAds
Back in 2013, a small group of enthusiasts decided to change the
way media buying works, launching a best-in-class Demand-Side
Platform for direct advertisers
2014 — Expanding to the Supply Side
Putting lots of efforts into R&D, GothamAds has created the
universal platform for Publishers to maximize their revenue and
expand reach
2015 — Breaking into RTB
We created our own in-house Ad Exchange infrastructure, able to
operate trillions of bid requests daily and compatible to all
industry standards
2016 — Becoming Full-Stack
GothamAds has grown into a Full-Stack Programmatic company,
addressing all Advertising and Publishing needs at once
2017 — Launching Video
We launched innovative Video product which integrates video ad
hosting, serving, and tracking components into a universal
platform to bring ultimately greater ROI.
2018 — Extending the Network
In 2018 GothamAds enriched the network of partners with top
tier ad tech companies which helped to enhance performance
on the publishers' side across various metrics.
2019 — Embracing CTV and Asian Market
2019 signified an innovative breakthrough for GothamAds. The Asian plan has helped
to join a dynamic market of Asian advertisers and publishers, and several technology
advancements enabled advertising on Connected TV.