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GothamAds builds a robust cross-platform programmatic infrastructure, enabling publishers, app developers, and advertisers to trade in a safe, unbiased, and transparent ecosystem that exponentially boosts advertising revenues and user engagement.

About GothamAds

About GothamAds

GothamAds creates data-driven programmatic solutions that aptly address all of
your media-trading needs on every stage of the media campaign development.

Ultimate revenue growth
Dynamic, real-time bidding competition helps advertisers achieve optimal fill
rates & eCPMs and guarantees immediate yield growth
for publishers.
Own cutting-edge technology
Our own technology, algorithms, and data management platform adhere to
the highest industry standards. This helps to drastically elevate media-trading
and free media-buyers from additional service fees.
Premium supply & extensive demand
GothamAds delivers global-scale opportunities for cross-screen advertising
and inventory monetization matching thousands of top-notch demand and
supply partners worldwide.

GothamAds SSP

Convenient ‘one-view’ publisher platform features connection to the global RTB auctions and private marketplaces in one
dashboard that makes inventory optimization simple and cost-efficient.
Global presence
Reach the largest pool of global demand partners on
desktop or integrate SDK with network mediation to
monetize the mobile app.
Inventory optimization
Apply filtering options to fine-tune the look and feel of
advertisements on your site: pre-define formats of
creatives, sizes, and the placement types.
Holistic monetization
Leverage floor price to automatically sort out the bids and
select only those impressions that bring the highest yield.
Profound analytics
Understand what drives best conversions. Analyze the
performance of your inventory type generating reports for every
metric in real-time.

GothamAds DSP

A flexible, functional and user-friendly technology that opens a 360-view on all top quality global media inventory
and equips media-buyers with essential real-time bidding tools that score the most beneficial deals.
Smart MA and AI-based algorithm
Streamline ad campaigns through automation and efficient
bidding management that enhance your win-rate and
advertising yield in real-time.
Cross-media delivery
Access maximum reach using omnichannel platform that
adapts to your individual media-buying needs and easily
channel ads to the target medium.
Advanced targeting
Target narrowly or launch broad-recognition campaigns. On
GothamAds DSP you can target according to the country, IP, OS,
device, daytime and more.
Unparalleled brand safety
The combination of Forensiq and Protected Media scanning with
our own in-house safety tools ensures you get only purest
human-viewable traffic 24/7.

Creative, innovative, and unique ad formats

Reach your customers on every screen and medium through universally supported display ads or
units that deliver interactive and engaging experience.

Unleash in-app

With lightweight GothamAds SDK, you can serve mobile ad campaigns across all screens, formats, and verticals. Integrate endless monetization opportunities with a single solution.
  • 1. Register at GothamAds SSP
  • 2. Integrate SDK
  • 3. Earn money!
250 000+
ad requests
per second
mobile and web


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