Data-Driven Programmatic Media Agency

Boost the impact of media advertising with all might of dynamic programmatic technologies in a powerful and transparent interface. Grow ad campaigns exponentially on every scale and medium.
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GothamAds offers a full stack of end-to-end solutions for demand and supply partners Worldwide

Our proprietary adtech platform integrates human creativity with breakthrough technologies and big data insights to fully automate media buying process across all screens and ad formats. Gotham’s exclusive machine learning algorithms allow running successful data-driven marketing campaigns on a global scale and choose the optimal revenue strategy for inventory monetization.


We use machine learning to predict and optimize campaign performance across all programmatic channels including mobile, video, native, and banner in real time.


Transparency, quality and trust are the fundamentals of our philosophy. That’s why we work tirelessly to provide our customers with ultimate safety solutions.


Our mission is to bring to our clients digital advertising potential, as we’re convinced that each brand deserves its own innovation.

New digital solution to empower your advertising experience on TV

The endless opportunities of programmatic advertising are now available on television, including precise targeting, ad purchasing automatization, and profound ad campaign analysis. Launch your ad campaigns on TV and instantly attract specific audiences whose attention was previously impossible to address without direct broadcasting.

Set up a deep targeting criteria and show ads only to the audiences whose needs resonate with your message. A single platform allows you to organize a full cycle of media placement on TV, schedule the ads broadcasting, obtain access to the campaign performance data, manage the reach and budget spend real-time.

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Discover the power of programmatic technology

with Gothamads’ one-stop solutions for all your online advertising needs.


Launch truly intelligent marketing campaigns across multiple channels, formats, and screens with Gothamads’ Demand-Side Platform for media buyers. Use your data for audience segmentation and precise targeting. Boost your ROI by delivering highly engaging ads to niche audiences worldwide.


Unlock the full potential of your digital content with Gothamads’ Supply-Side Platform for media owners and app developers. Monetize your online audiences with header bidder technology and optimize your mobile advertising space with our lightweight SDK.

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GothamAds provides a brand-safe, transparent environment for programmatic media buying and selling. Our digital online marketplace connects thousands of demand and supply sources under one roof, carefully handling every ad request, and finding an ideal match between ad creatives and ad inventory.
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AMC Loews Lincoln Square
October 1 - 4, 2018, New York
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March 12-14, 2019, Amsterdam
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March 12-14, 2019, Amsterdam
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