KPI-focused programmatic
media-buying platform

Using a complex of cutting-edge programmatic technologies to let advertisers,
agencies, and networks unleash the true potential of digital advertising which is
ever-transparent, safe, and KPI-driven.
Extended targeting
Granular, high-precision
targeting options helps to
tailor advertisement for every
Omnichannel Ad formats
Variety of interactive and
static advertising formats for
desktop, tablet, mobile
devices, and CTV.
Bid optimization
DSP automatically optimizes
bids to meet advertising
campaign KPI and achieve
your goals.
Stable quality
The platform is a part of
GothamAds full-stack
infrastructure that guarantees
quality of impressions.

Adjusted to serve advertiser's needs

In order to let your display ads be seen by the right users at the right time, we created an interface where you can manage, optimize, and run your campaigns in real-time.
Bid management autopilot

AI algorithms automatically manage your bids to offer the optimal price for an impression and keep your budget sound.

Secure advertising ecosystem

We show your ads only to the real people. Quality of impressions is guaranteed by partnerships with international traffic validators and by in-house tools.


Turn unconverted users into customers. Remind them about your offer by launching retargeting campaigns on different screens and channels.

Campaign controls

You can set up preferrable placements, channels, ad resolutions, view frequency, and budget spend to let campaign hit the right KPI.

Geo targeting

Integration with our internal DMP connects both DSP and SSP platforms to the extended targeting options which make advertising relevant, and results in higher view-ability, win-rate, and ROI.

Detailed reporting

Useful insights about campaign performance, including number of Impressions, Spend, CPM, eCPM, CTR, etc. can be generated via daily report or through API reporting link.

This all we can do for you on manage-serve DSP! Our dedicated team of account managers will assist you on every stage of campaign development: from the very start to optimizing CPMs, GEOs, publishers, demand type, traffic verticals according to your objectives and KPI.

Want to be in the driver’s seat? Then choose a self-serve DSP and navigate your campaigns independently.

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Ad formats that are made to amaze

Broadest reach with narrowest targeting
Address your future customers in all countries, on all screens and devices. Select who and when to target according to geo, IP, OS, time of the day and more! Join advantageous marketplaces all over the world via RTB or directly at GothamAds Programmatic Hub.

Publishers and advertisers trust us!

direct mobile and web publishers
+250 000
ad requests per second
You define advertising objectives.
GothamAds DSP helps them come true with ease!