Next Generation AdTech Platform for Data-Driven Marketing

Empowered by artificial intelligence. Inspired by truly advanced technologies. Full spectrum of programmatic advertising solutions with enhanced capabilities. For agencies, advertisers and brands worldwide.
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Revolutionary Ad Buying Platform

Execute marketing campaigns across continents, using Gotham’s proprietary machine learning algorithms, optimization tools and in-house bidder to reach target audiences across screens and channels. Deliver highly relevant ads, maximize engagement and enhance your ROI.

Supply Database

We reach millions of unique users and serve billions of impressions monthly, focusing on direct and exclusive inventory. Discover the benefits of unlimited supply and premium ad placement.


We cater integrated campaign management solutions with detailed pre and post-bid analytics. Run your campaign at peak efficiency using our comprehensive programmatic architecture.


We design highly customizable products that perfectly fit each client’s unique business needs. Maximize your ROAS with Gotham’s exclusive, tailor-made adtech solutions for digital buyers.

Rethink Programmatic with GothamAds

Having combined data and technology together with human creativity, we finally built an ultra-efficient digital ecosystem where every facet of each component is stitched together. Access the largest ad exchange through Gotham’s demand-side platform. Define audience segments using data management platform. Receive actionable insights and act out immediately with our smart ad serving technology and robust targeting settings. Enjoy simple and productive advertising with GothamAds!

Why GothamAds?

There are five important reasons why brands and agencies trust us their digital marketing campaigns


Location-based, demographics, device type, behavioral, dayparting and retargeting

Ad Formats

Top-performing ad formats and high-impact ad units for maximum audience engagement


Brand-safe environment, anti-fraud and malware protection, viewability metrics

Big Data

Data aggregation and analysis, machine learning algorithms for predictive marketing


Real-time analytics and granular reporting to measure campaign performance

Discover New Possibilities with GothamAds

Contact GothamAds if you would like to know more about our programmatic solutions for publishers and the newest offers.
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