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A premium programmatic advertising marketplace where top advertisers and publishers collaborate directly

GothamAds has built a robust programmatic infrastructure that enables direct integrations between world’s leading publishers and advertisers. Equipped with cutting-edge advertising technologies, GothamAds open ad marketplace delivers intelligent, human-oriented, omnichannel advertising that quickly magnifies media-buying and media-selling campaign outcomes.

Core strengths
of GothamAds Marketplace


Remnant-free environment

GothamAds programmatic hub embraces all types of media-inventory: mobile, desktop, or CTV. That leaves no room for unsold inventory remnants. GothamAds ad exchange will help to find buyers for every single impression.

Increased value

GothamAds programmatic hub utilizes the power of AI, ML technologies, and real-time bidding to help the publishes create their own system that automates media-trading process and maximizes inventory value. Tune in efficient campaign workflow and trade on your terms.

Protected inventory

GothamAds programmatic hub is the most flexible environment for media-selling that enables individual approach for buyers. Provide prioritized access to inventory, select preferrable ad resolutions and formats, and protect the value of inventory applying price floors.

Unparalleled in-app monetization

For app publishers and developers, we prepared a lightweight GDPR-compliant SDK. Using it, you can seamlessly render various add formats in the app, manage your partners, and connect to the immense opportunities opened by SDK mediation.


Higher income, exclusive inventory

GothamAds programmatic hub is a place where advertiser's request and publisher's offer meet directly. Avoiding intermediaries, advertisers save up a substantial share of media-costs and access the most exclusive inventory.

Extended targeting

The accurate targeting settings allow you to reach the desired audience no matter where they are or what device they are at. Connect easily to the relevant audience segments sorting by geo, IP, device type, daytime, OS, browser, and more.

Safety and predictability

Direct programmatic hub is a solid guarantee of human-viewable impressions, freed from advertising fraud or hidden commissions. Achieve greater campaign heights, knowing that you pay only for measured and good quality impressions.

GDPR-compliant technology

GothamAds operates in full accordance with GDPR standards, implementing all necessary technical and organizational data security measures for customer data rights protection at the open marketplace.

Ad formats for a meaningful experience

Reach your audience on the world’s premier websites and apps, across every format and device, with the
assurance of quality and safety. Engage your website readers with ads that attract, surprise, and retain.
direct mobile and web publishers
+250 000
ad requests per second

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