GothamAds Privacy Policy

Customers’ privacy is our concern number one, thus, GothamAds guarantees total security and safety of information provided by our users and website visitors.

Please familiarize yourself with the contents of the following document (“Privacy Policy”) in order to stay aware of our data collecting/processing procedures and regulations

In case you have additional questions or concerns considering this privacy policy we recommend you to discuss them with your attorney.

Section I. General Information

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What we do

This policy indicates "we", "us" or "our" to refer to the GothamAds LLC, a full-stack programmatic digital media company, the global DSP and SSP platform provider with its primary headquarter located at New York, US.

Developing our innovation-driven products we aim to transform, improve, and support the current state of programmatic advertising worldwide, letting the publishers and advertisers a chance to maximize their yield and increase the effectiveness of their ad campaign performance.

GothamAds LLC operates strictly in accordance with the principles of the personal data protection legislation and fully commits to the GDPR data protection standards obtaining and processing the personal data of EU residents.

Our privacy policy (GDPR compliant)

GothamAds LLC accepts responsibility for managing the personal data of our customers. This privacy policy will disclose the order in which we process your personal identification data, including:

  • The type of collected personal information
  • The purpose of information gathering
  • Technology that is used during the process of information collection