Holistic Yield Management and Revenue Optimization Platform

A single platform with integrated ad server, inventory controls, data analytics tools, and yield maximization algorithms. For publishers, media owners and app developers worldwide.
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Ad Inventory Management Essentials

Unlock the real value of your inventory, trading directly or programmatically with GothamAds. Use every opportunity to serve ads, sell out premium and remnant inventory, achieving 100% fill rates. Set price floors and control revenue streams, securing additional income with audience extension option. Improve user experience with ad exposure settings, displaying the most successful ad formats and sizes.


We offer the highest possible price for each impression, allowing you to sell inventory on a per-impression basis. Generate higher yield with bid optimization features.


Our unique header bidding solution allows you to offer ad inventory to multiple demand sources simultaneously. Achieve maximum exposure and drive ultimate competition for every impression.


We now offer agile, easy to integrate software development kit for game and app developers. Monetize your mobile app content with push notifications, in-app messages, offers and banner ads.

Reinvent Programmatic with GothamAds

We provide publishers with an exclusive opportunity to be in charge of the trading process. Publishers can manage the advertising space in various ways, choose ad units that complement the native content and set price ranges. With tracking tools, publishers can always be aware of how ads are performing and whether they bring the desired profit. Having real-time reports and statistics at their disposal, publishers can always make informed decisions, no matter what. Monetize your traffic efficiently with GothamAds!

Why GothamAds?

Thousands of publishers worldwide had already joined GothamAds. Here is why they prefer to work with us:

Global Reach

Access to 2500+ demand partners worldwide, thousands of ongoing campaigns


Text, responsive, image, animated, interstitial, video, and in-app ads

Publisher Controls

Programmatic direct, RTB auctions, private marketplaces, automated guaranteed


Desktop, mobile web, in-app, in-game content monetization

Discover New Possibilities with GothamAds

Contact GothamAds if you would like to know more about our programmatic solutions for publishers and the newest offers.
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