Publisher Solutions for technologically progressive Programmatic Monetization

World's best AI and MA-powered technologies implemented on the single programmatic
platform that lets publishers, media owners, and app developers enhance the value of their
inventory across the screens, formats, and verticals.
Revenue acceleration
Yield maximization algorithms and
demands mediation drive substantially
higher eCPMs.
Worldwide reach
250+ best global demand partners open
endless omnichannel monetizing
Engaging user experience
CTV, programmatic audio, native and
interactive formats engage visitors and
enhance their lifetime value.

Adjusted to serve advertiser's needs

In order to let your display ads be seen by the right users at the right time, we created an interface where you can manage, optimize, and run your campaigns in real-time.
Various ad formats

Monetize with engagement using native, CTV, programmatic audio, display, rich media, and video (pre-roll, post-roll, in-stream, and out-stream) formats.

Inventory controls

Configure preferrable price floor, future creative placement, and sort out your partners with listings.

Real-time reporting

Easy-to-grasp and interpret analytical reports are generated across multitude of metrics, including revenues, clicks, impressions, and fill rates.

Integrated with programmatic infrastructure

Integrated with programmatic infrastructure. GothamAds SSP connects to the robust programmatic hub featuring top 250+ direct and RTB demand partners globally.

AI-driven demand mediation

AI and ML algorithms analyze incoming bids and sort out the highest.

Detailed reporting

Useful insights about campaign performance, including number of Impressions, Spend, CPM, eCPM, CTR, etc. can be generated via daily report or through API reporting link.

Impact across the broadest range
of business verticals

For the media-sellers who strive for the greater control over inventory monetization,
beneficial trading conditions, and ultimate transparency, we equipped the platform with
tools that automate and optimize media-selling process in real-time.

Flexible integration and rapid deployment

Connect via server for smooth creative rendering and the ability to track the number of app installs.
Integrate via API to receive detailed and customizable ‘traffic’ and ‘revenue’ reports in real-time.
Direct integration
Maximize your relationships with demand partners and client outcomes with direct DSP integrations.
3rd party tag demand
Implement 3rd party tag to let demand partners manage creatives more easily.
Open RTB
Reduce maintenance costs connecting to multiple exchanges and DSPs through Open RTB.
Manage and add the partners you already work with using lightweight GothamAds SDK.

Single point of verification for
mobile app environment

Use Ads.txt to protect your desktop inventory and authorize the parties who are eligible to sell it.
In-app ads.txt
Safeguard your mobile, in-app, and OTT inventory authorizing retailers with In-app ads.txt
No more reporting mismatches. Make verification transparent and clear with OM SDK.

Programmatic hub for premium deals

Sell your premium inventory to advertisers directly at GothamAds Programmatic Hub, and avoid
remnants effectively selling the rest of inventory through real-time bidding auction on a single platform.

Publishers and advertisers trust us!

direct mobile and web publishers
+250 000
ad requests per second
Greater value for your inventory. Always.
At GothamAds SSP and Progammatic Hub.